what is possible.
                what is possible.

Sample scenarios

Sample scenario

A few example scenarios of what is possible:
Example scenarioComponents involved
The customer wants to prepare for the next meeting with his business partner over a cappuccino, dimmed lights and relaxing music in his office. A video call from the partner comes in, 30 minutes before the appointment.
Ambience: The light is gently switched to an active lighting mood.
Smart WLAN speaker: The music gets quieter.
Smartphone: The digital assistant indicates the incoming video call.
IT: The call is matched with the Outlook calendar.
Your customer decides by voice command to accept the call already. And the coffee cup is empty.
Ambience: Now is the time for working light.
Smart WLAN speaker: Volume is set to mute.
TV: For the video call, the smart TV turns on.
Entertainment: The appointment in the Outlook calendar is automatically moved forward.
Coffee machine: A café creme is prepared.
Electrical: "Do not disturb" lights up above the office door outside.
Light sensors: The sun is blinding - the blinds are lowered.
IT: If required, additional call partners are simply called and added.
The conversation is over. Now action must be taken. Your customer leaves his office to solve the problem in person.IT: The computer is shut down, the light is turned off.
Electrical: All equipment is set to stand-by mode; if possible, it is disconnected from the mains.
IT: The out of office status is set in the Outlook calendar.
Building technology: The office is automatically locked.
Vehicle: The vehicle is automatically parked out. In winter, the seat heating is started.