Smart Cluster Manifest.

The bintellix® Smart Cluster Manifest

How to enable open connectivity

To enable real open, flexible and future save information systems, is it important to have the following principles in place:
  • Independent

    Design all interfaces to be independent from type of platform and programming language
  • Uniform Interface

    Use common basic functions and pure structured data (document style). Here it will be quite useful to have a closer look to the RESTful design principle.
  • Stateless

    Don't use session, cookies, tracking parameter and other implicit kind of temporary status storages. As they block resources, hide communication workflows, make usage complex and are risky for security.
  • Transparency

    Be open. Provide the API for everybody. Use a common infrastructure database, from which all configurations can be taken, and to which all current used interface parameters can be written.
  • Layered

    Best of breath: For each layer, have the best fitting technology. Use established standards wherever possible. Don't reinvent the wheel.
  • Data Centric

    Wherever possible use the business driven data structures. Doing so the API will be the natural base for business discussions.
  • Scalability

    Scalability means parallel handling. Best by using small technical clusters (like Microservices). Note, that this is the opposite of monolithic systems.
  • Event bus / notificaton bus / message bus

    For the successful communication in connected systems, a publish-subscribe notification bus (like MQTT) does perfectly fit. With such, all kind of data and events can be handled as a cached in a queue for all interested nodes.