Experience smart working and living environments
thanks to Connected Intelligence
Building automation with IoT & CIoT for office, trade, events & Co.

Building automation with IoT & CIoT - for office, trade, events & Co.Connected Intelligence zur Gebäudedigitalisierung & -Steuerung

Smart Building von bintellix München

Comfort & building security
– with smart connectivity

We turn your buildings, meeting points and facilities into smart work, comfort and experience worlds.
  • For optimal energy efficiency
  • functional comfort
  • and reliable security
bintellix® Munich offers you intelligent, innovative & needs-based smart building solutions for the highest demands.
Whether network automation of administrative buildings, restaurants, hotels or airports - we design the right solution architecture for you.
And by fitting we mean: turnkey, independent & secure systems for building control that can be adapted to new & changed needs at any time.
The result is compact and powerful smart buildings that save you a lot of trouble, time and money.

Building automation with 100% scalability in smart clusters

Our experts in the field of Internet of Things, IT, software development & system integration advise and support you personally in optimizing your building technology and functions.
These include in particular:
  1. Modernization of the network technology
  2. Optimization of building management systems
  3. user-friendly configuration of all devices & components
  • Autonomous & Agile

    We free you from manufacturer-specific and inflexible isolated solutions.
    Not by magic, but wonderfully simple: with the help of intelligent sensor networks & adaptive interfaces.
  • Profitable & productive

    With fully automated control systems for heating, lighting, plumbing, ventilation, communication, etc., we enable you to efficient energy management for all building sizes.
  • Easy & user-friendly

    Experience Connected Comfort & highest user friendliness.
    Our IT experts focus on intuitive usability & customized software solutions in professional building automation.
Smart building control with dezentral intelligent network systems

System synergies par excellence
- Independence thanks to transparent interfaces

Smart buildings result from the optimal interaction of all integrated systems and functions.
To do this, however, a comprehensive and cross-system approach is required. Otherwise, the ongoing maintenance and modernization of the entire building gets unnecessarily expensive.
This is exactly what we prevent with decentralized networks that easily connect all systems from different manufacturers, trades and rooms and simplify control.
All bintellix® solutions are based on the principle of agile software development, which is highly compatible and implemented with little effort.
This eliminates the need for costly adjustments and extensions.

Intelligently thought out instead of out of the box

Technology-neutral automation solutions
– for your independence

The requirements for professional building automation vary widely.
Whether public buildings, car dealerships or banks - we offer you high-quality solutions with significant added value for every area.
So entstehen:
Sustainability, security and functionality for modern building management

What are we going to do?

We have a broad network of renowned experts in building automation with in-depth industry knowledge and detailed knowledge.
Thanks to the combination of interdisciplinary expertise, we can integrate intelligent, decentralized networks that guarantee you absolute transparency.

What's the highlight?

Self-organized, adaptive systems that enable fully automated room control and thus maximize productivity, comfort & safety.

What is your specific added value?

  • Vielfältige Funktionen, zum Beispiel für Barrierefreiheit, Brandschutz oder Hygiene-Vorschriften
  • energetic & resource-saving building management
  • optimal working, living & comfort environments

company-name/> – Smart building automation & industry solutions

  • Office buildings
  • Administrative buildings
  • Meeting Points
  • Universitys
  • Hospital facilitiess
  • Banks
  • Insurances
  • Event-Locations
  • Research facilitys
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Exhibitions
  • Shopping Centers
  • Public buildings
  • Healthcare institutions
  • Corporate buildings
  • Car dealerships
  • Salesrooms
Smart Home Solutions & Residence-Automation

Smart home solutions and premium living

Enjoy the most modern living comfort & premium smart home Solutions for the highest demands.
Light, climate, security, blinds & entertainment - with design-rich functions & intuitive usability, you can perfect your home into a smart living environment that is precisely tailored to your ideas and needs.
bintellix® offers you high-quality Smart Home Solutions, seamless integration of high-end components & standards for intelligent living, and fascinating comfort solutions.

Your special advantages:

  • exclusive premium living comfort
  • environmentally friendly energy efficiency
  • perfect interplay of design, architecture and function
Gebäude Automation für Hotels und Gastronomie

Smart Hotel & Automation for the hospitality industry

Enrich your hotel image & your external impact with impressive comfort worlds.
Musical sound systems for the restaurant & lobby as well as fresh air supply for rooms and common areas facilitate hotel management and ensure a competitive branding.
Temperature, air quality, lighting or shading can also be set perfectly using the touchscreen and controlled down to the smallest detail using sensors.
With smart clusters & high-performance systems for property management etc. we enable full control over all levels of building management systems.

Your practical benefit

  • environmentally friendly energy management
  • high-performance security systems
  • compact, customizable IoT solutions
Gebäudeautomation für Büro und Verwaltung

Smart office & smart enterprise solutions

Provide ideal working conditions in offices, Administration buildings, public facilities etc.
Perfectly tempered rooms and self-regulating lighting are just a few of the many examples with which you can quickly optimize building management.
Here, intelligent smart cluster solutions not only help to create a productive atmosphere. They also avoid wasting energy and ensure maximum building security.
Not only your employees benefit, clients & partners also get a professionally rounded picture of your company.

Your direct benefits:

  • highest energy efficiency
  • Increase of productivity
  • environmentally friendly building management
Gebäudeautomatisierung für Meeting Points

Smart building for event locations & meeting points

Impress with functional variety, smooth processes & perfect room ambience.
Whether "Innovation Hub", "Creativity Lab", "Incubator" or "Social Sphere" - with transparent interfaces, software & technology you demonstrate the highest communication standards and innovative strength.
Advantages with an end in themselves that have an impact far beyond the specific situation: a coordinated and harmoniously designed overall architecture guarantees a special room atmosphere with comfortable functionality.
Smart buildings are also mandatory in the event area in order to successfully organize events with safe conditions and special requirements.

Your added value:

  • intelligent Microsysteme
  • economical building management
  • intuitive usability & control

Our portfolio of smart technologies & services

We accompany you through all 3 levels of building automation - and beyond. Because the selection of automation systems is large. Our specialists will help you to gain clarity with profound knowledge and to use your specific possibilities and options successfully.

Smart building automation with intelligent networks

Basically, building automation systems are divided into 3 levels, which all support and influence each other.
  1. The field level is responsible for the operation of the technical devices. Data traffic works via so-called field devices: sensors (motion detectors, thermometers) receive information and send it to the actuators.Actuators convert the data obtained into switching signals, for example to adapt the lighting or ventilation.
  2. The building systems are controlled and regulated at the automation level. Control takes place on the basis of the data supplied by the field level. However, the management level is also necessary for building control in order to act safely and confidently.
  3. The management level enables the operation and monitoring of processes, but also alarms reliably and rapidly in the event of faults. So that all data can converge and be analyzed here, sophisticated algorithms are required that communicate and react across systems.
This is exactly where our experts come in! We not only work with all common and specific standards such as KNX, Zigbee, MQTT sensor networks, RESTful adapters and infrastructure repositories. We also develop specific applications & IoT solutions that ensure full autonomy & transparency.
Connected Intelligence
– the new comfort standard in building automation

Professional Smart Building Automation & System Integration

bintellix® – Your reliable solution partner for automation software

Our specialists for building automation & smart building engineering accompany you from the idea to the implementation, application and adaptation of IoT solutions according to your individual requirements & ideas.
Even after successful implementation and familiarization, we are still there for you and your employees.
Make an appointment for a first personal interview without obligation.
Either by phone at +49 (0)89-7507504–0 or via the contact form

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Further fields of application for connected intelligence:

  • Intelligent products
    Unlimited Possibilities

    Industry 4.0, IIoT & smart factory

    Benefit from digital production, optimized processes & resource efficiency.
  • Intelligent software
    Programmed for the future

    Software engineering & system integration

    Our clever software solutions make you a business enabler.