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Smart hardware and intelligent software for companies

We help you to use the full potential of IoT technologies and to raise business and work processes to a higher level.
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The direct path to more quality, sustainability and efficiency

The Internet of Things only brings advantages if all devices, processes and employees are ideally networked with one another.
We help you to use the full potential of IoT technologies and to raise business and work processes to a higher level.
With IoT hardware for process and system integration, our IT experts create real added value in your company.
Among them: reliable IoT security, seamless communication structures and optimized work processes.

Here is how you can benefit from transparent interfaces

  • Simplification

    complex infrastructures are manageable
  • Transparency

    all systems, software and processes can be controlled
  • Effiziency

    Optimized processes ensure effective use of costs and resources
  • Skalability

    Adaptive and flexible components ensure high performance
Connected Intelligence
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bintellix ® - Smart Cluster Experts for sustainable IoT

The Internet of Things comprises a network of devices, systems, sensors, software and systems. The intelligent linking of all IoT devices ensures high-performance structures that collect, exchange and process data fully automatically.
bintellix ® offers you everything you need for system integration and seamless connectivity: we integrate tailor-made solutions into existing system environments and ensure the connection of relevant interfaces. We not only pay attention to absolute IT security and clean structures, but also to simple administration, which noticeably makes everyday work easier for you and your employees.
Thanks to variable, adaptive interfaces, we enable cross-manufacturer communication that remains open to the future and can be adapted to new conditions at any time.

Overview of services in the field of IoT system integration

  • Bus-communication

    CAN-Bus, MQTT, Event Bus, partly also Message Bus
  • Edge computing

    Local analysis of data with the highest security standards
  • Auto Deployment (Device Management)

    including software-defined networks (SDN) “Infrastructure Repository”
  • IoT-Security

    Firmware updates, full-stack monitoring of all processes for "intrusion detection" and firewall rules