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  • Smart building

    IoT Building automation

    Experience smart working and living worlds

  • Smart factory

    IoT industry 4.0

    Added value through digitized processes

  • Smart technology

    IoT Development

    actively shaping growth & the future

Technical consulting Munich – IoT solutions & Development Smart Cluster experts for the digital transformation

Professional IoT consulting & ITC management works with the best key technologies to use and expand undiscovered potential. This creates agile processes & future-proof business models in a company that can grow continuously.
IoT Digitalisierung Automatisierung Consulting bintellix
1 Connected intelligene

Achieve tangible success
& new synergies
with intelligent connected devices

We transform your devices, systems and buildings into smart IoT devices and powerful systems .
  • For more business agility
  • Produktivity
  • and cost efficiency
As a full-service agency for technical consultingfrom Munich, Germany , we specialize in agile software engineering & flexible IoT solutions that effectively move your business forward.
And that goes far beyond conventional advantages , such as shorter time-to-market or stronger customer loyalty.
With intelligent , independent and adaptive systems , we ensure that you always stay one step ahead .
2 Modulare IoT solutions

bintellix ® – IoT solutions & IT consulting from a single source

Our IT specialists & software developers always follow a holistic approach that takes your individual needs and options into account.
Our approach can roughly be divided into 3 phases:
  1. breaking up rigid isolated applications with adaptive networks & micro-services
  2. design & secure high-performance business processes
  3. open up and conquer new business areas
  • Lean and nice

    No matter whether you are a large corporation, a medium-sized company or a small business - we design lean and well-designed IoT solutions especially for your type of company.
  • Flexible and free

    With cross-manufacturer IT standards & components, we ensure that you can react promtly to changing market and customer requirements .
  • Save and strong

    We guarantee outstanding IT security for system integration and create transparency that ensures you full control and efficient processes .
IoT für ein Green Business mit Nachhaltigkeit
3 Green technology & business

The Internet of Things
- the basis for sustainable green business

Clean IoT technologies are the prerequisite for sustainability and resource conservation in the company or in production
Ecological production, environmentally friendly shipping, avoiding waste, using renewable energies - there are plenty of ways and means for environmentally conscious action .
But, what matters is the strategy and the right technology .
bintellix ® supports you in creating economic sustainability in your company from which you also profit economically. For example through efficient use of resources, low-energy processes and newly formed synergies.
4 The adaptive approach

Intelligently thought out instead of out of the box

Future-oriented IoT solutions for your digital business transformation

The Internet of Things has an enormous potential for opportunities . Open standards for systems & applications make it easy for you to face future challenges with ease . To achieve long-term success .

That is why our approach is adaptive:

We make all processes
transparent , scalable & efficient for you.

What do we do?

Our technical consultants adapt IT landscapes , design IoT applications and develop micro-services that are fast, secure and flexible adapted to current conditions.
Always at eye level , independently and at fair prices .

How do we do that?

Through smart clusters made up of lean components (such as microservices) and transparent interfaces (event bus, RESTful APIs). This is how we create an intelligent network that is managed via an open repository system (infrastructure repository).
Thanks to the bundling of all individual systems and components involved, a smart system is created - fully automated, performant, scalable & safe.

What do you get out of it?

  • Technology & systems with real-time reaction
  • highest security standards in IT, ITK & IoT
  • steady increase in quality
5 Industry overview

bintellix ® Munich - Technical consulting & IoT industry solutions

  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Hotel & gastronomy
  • Insurance
  • Office
  • Technology
  • Trading
6 Service overview

Digital intelligence

… more then networking of man and machine

  • IoT Building Automation

    IoT building automation

    Experience smart working and living worlds

    Smart buildings offer a new kind of comfort experience and building management.
    Lighting, heating, air conditoning and blinds control - all elements are networked with each other, are regulated automatically or can be controlled at the push of a button.
    Our IoT specialists connect all individual systems easily and securely - across manufacturers, across rooms and across trades.

    Our focus in the area of IoT building automation:

    • Smart Office & Smart Enterprise
    • Smart Living Residence for premium living comfort
    • Smart Health, Smart Clinic & Smart Hospital
    • Smart Hotel & Automation for the hospitality industry
  • IoT Industry

    IoT industry 4.0

    Added value through digitized processes

    Digital manufacturing brings the Internet of Things to life.
    Buzzwords such as process and material flow optimization , industrial internet of things , digital twin & smart factory are becoming tangible, real concepts with strong added value for production, industry & logistics.
    bintellix ® accompanies you from conception to integration to the configuration of a secure IoT architecture.

    Our services in the field of ITC & Industry 4.0:

    • Integration of lean, digital infrastructures
    • seamless, secure M2M communication
    • optimized, fully automated manufacturing processes
    • predictive maintenance
    • fast, cost-efficient production
  • IoT Technology

    IoT technology - actively shaping growth & the future

    In order to guarantee a flawless and successful system integration, we develop professional hardware in industrial quality . Our range of IoT devices extends to protocol adapters, gateways and digital agents (for CAN bus, KNX, Zigbee and futher fieldbus systems).

Making the difference:

with decentralized networking in smart clusters

bintellix ® – IoT solutions and technical consulting Munich

Your strong partner for digital transformation & business agility

With us you have an experienced full-service agency at your side. Specializing in sustainable, future-proof and user-friendly technologies & services.
We are convinced of open, flexible and adaptive systems that allow revolutionary adaptations and optimizations at any time. And guarantee absolute freedom and control over all process levels and business areas within the company.
To make sure that this succeeds, we offer you digital transformation consulting with clear goals, transparent processes and the highest expertise. Starting with consulting & planning up to the successful implementation of your IoT project.
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