Industrial IoT & Industry 4.0: intelligent production

Networking and communication are the backbone of Industrial IoT (IIoT) & Industrie 4.0. The elements of the various value chains exchange a wide variety of data in order to successfully perform their respective tasks. The key to this is service-oriented architectures (SOA). Find out now what this means for your company and your plans.
Industrial Internet of Things für nachhaltige Industrien
1 Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT & Industry 4.0: the cards are reshuffled

Customer needs are changing faster than ever. The trend toward individualized products is picking up speed. Only companies that position themselves correctly for these requirements will still be successful in the future. Current market conditions require flexible structures and highly agile processes. To achieve this, industrial production and modern information and communications technology must be precisely interlinked - with intelligently networked systems.
Digitale Fertigung und Produktionsoptimierung
2 Industry 4.0 with IoT

Industry 4.0 with IoT: a win at all levels

Industrial Internet of Things is the enabler for agile service adaptation for complex or individualized industrial products. With artificial intelligence, machine learning and modular systems, there are strong advantages:
  • For example, the efficiency of production and logistics can be significantly increased.
  • Plant and equipment maintenance is automatic, highly effective and predictive.
  • Process optimizations run in real time and increase safety for man and machine.
  • Industrial IoT enables the development of new business areas.
3 Industry overview

IoT Industry Solutions

  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacture / Fabrication
  • Office
  • Smart city
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications / data technology
  • Telekommunikation / Datentechnik
  • Trading / Selling
Digital-Twin für nachhaltiges Industrial IoT
4 Smart IIoT architecture

What are the basic principles of any IoT architecture?


Machines, devices, sensors and people can be networked via software control and can act via different networks. At the same time, they free themselves from technical dependencies.


All systems involved in manufacturing extend the existing information systems and share all information with them. In this way, the virtual models can be transferred to the real world.

Assistance systems

Powerful assistance systems enable people to interact with machines and their virtual models. It has never been so easy to keep an eye on even complex systems.

Distributed intelligence

Only decentrally organized systems can control highly complex manufacturing systems. Participating components can make independent decisions and provide information.
5 Smart Solutions

Meeting challenges - with bintellix ® at your side

bintellix ® supports customers in mastering the challenges of Industrial IoT. We take on all tasks from independent consulting to the setup and integration of manufacturing systems to agile process development in classic IT. Our special approach: decentralized control instead of centralized solutions. With adaptive, loose coupling, we tame even the wildest networks.

What we do not stand for!

We are the professionals for Industrial IoT & Industry 4.0, but not at any price. We stand for new approaches: more agility, more connectivity, more security with decentralised control and loose couplings. But that means we've said goodbye to old, flawed solutions.
With bintellix ® you go completely new ways, because we make end
  • … with isolated applications
  • … with the bunkering of knowledge
  • … with the programming of small control sequences
  • … with problematic connections to public clouds and
  • … with SaaS for device control and communication
6 Experienced artner

bintellix ® – Your experienced partner for Industrial IoT

The IoT professionals at bintellix ® write German engineering in capital letters. Our strengths: our extremely broad know-how from more than 20 years of backend architecture at the group and our passion for the matter. We know how to determine the specific needs of the departments, what dynamic landscapes look like and how complete automated manufacturing can be built future-proof, operated efficiently and maintained looking ahead.
Just give us a call to learn more about the success factor Industrial IoT & Industrie 4.0 - tailored to your company.
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