Smart software solutions at enterprise level
IoT REST Software Engineering Design Development

Software engineering, IT design & IT development for IoT & IIoTSoftware for web services & system integration

Agile software engineering & design help to get the complexity of modular systems & software under control and to offer adaptable products faster. In addition, companies benefit from flexible ability to act, strong innovative strength & transparent processes.
bintellix ® Software engineering & design helps companies to get the complexity of modular systems & software under control and to offer adaptable products faster.
Martin Richter CIO von INTERSECURITY
System-Integration & Anwendungsentwicklung in München
1 Smart software

Recognize potential and exploit it sensibly

We transform your ideas & processes into scalable success with the use of smart software & intelligent systems.
And thus ensure resource-efficient & perfected processes in your company that secure long-term competitive advantages.
bintellix ® Munich is the specialist for IT development, software design, system integration & API development based on IoT and IIoT technologies.
Our approach - your advantages:
  • transparent technical consulting

    Personal and individual advice - independent from technologys and manufacturers
  • clear added value with IoT solutions

    intelligent & future-proof systems for perfected processes, innovative products & excellent quality
  • agile software development

    State-of-the-art technologies & applications for optimized services, productivity & revolutionary corporate success
2 Key technologies

The best key technologies

for your business agility and innovative strength

The key to continuous company growth lies in innovative software development & agile, fully automated processes.
This is the only way to guarantee highly flexible business agility that is not driven by the dynamics of digital change, but dominates it.
This is, how we turn future-oriented ideas into concrete and profitable success for your company.

for your IT landscape

  • Safe & scalable

    We ensure risk minimization through efficient IT architectures and transparent & scalable processes.
  • Agil & autonomous

    We rely on agile project management & practical concepts with a view of the whole.
  • clear & competent

    Highly qualified IT experts take care of the process-oriented analysis of your real needs & advise you comprehensively.
3 Range of services

bintellix ® – Software solutions & system integration from a single source

Our experts in the field of the Internet of Things offer you a wide range of services related to the integration of high-performance systems & intelligent devices as well as the development of API-based applications.
That is why bintellix ® consistently focuses on eBusiness solutions and application, software development and design. Based on adaptive API technologies, modular service architectures and reliable IoT technologies.
We focus on 3 areas:
  • Software engineering based on Service-Integration & RESTful API technologies
  • Design, development & test of modular back-end architectures
  • highest application- and IT-security
We design web and middle-tier systems based on Java, C and C++ as well as the best standards and frameworks for modular networking.
Become different:
with decentralized intelligence & smart clusters
RESTful API interface – software integration for IoT services
4 RESTful API architecture


Agile interface management

Benefit from agile, maintainable & adaptable Processes across all business and production levels.
Use the concentrated power of API interfaces for dynamic workflows, flexible functions, online customer connection, for direct internet sales. Market your services to external customers. Or simply benefit from the lightness and transparency of API gateways and service modules.

Your added value:

  • modular and replacable
  • compact and integrable
  • maximally standardized
  • independently maintainable
  • highly scalable
  • fully automated testable
More than digitally networked.
Web-Service & Microservices
5 Web & microservices

Web service & microservices

future-oriented & strong performance

We offer a wide range of services for the conception, construction and expansion of web services.
The focus is on service architectures and systems, in Java.
Your benefit: slim, design-strong & data-safe communication solutions. In addition, complete integration tests that even critical systems can run non-invasively.
As a result for your company:
  • real agility
  • complete Maintainability
  • reliable IT security
  • future-proof adaptivity
  • vertical & horizontal Scalability
Everything from a single source: analysis, design, development, test and support.
System-Integration & Refactoring by bintellix
6 System integration

Professional system integration & refactoring

slim, safe, scalable

Expand your corporate successes many times over - with a broad network of intelligent systems, processes & functions.
Our Smart Cluster experts clean up the digital structures in your company from unnecessary load & complicated architectures with the help of highly flexible integration layers.As well as software- & hardware adapter.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • 100 % data protection & system performance
  • controllable & highly efficient processes
  • resource-saving, optimized processes
  • minimal risk & reduced time-to-market
IoT System Integration Software Entwicklung und Embedded Driver
7 IIoT with smart devices

Smart devices & IIoT controler

innovative & resource efficient

Future-proof IoT & IIoT technologies generate invaluable added value with long-term & strong competitive advantages.
As long as you use and use the right technologies in your company.
This is exactly what we ensure - with the help of adaptive & variable interfaces, high-quality standards, embedded software modules & flexible controls.
Your profit:
  • the highest level of connectivity
  • manageable digital infrastructures
  • powerful systems
8 Digital infastructure
The intelligent networking of IIoT infrastructures, devices & digital control systems is of particular importance here in order to draw profitable potential from the Internet of Things.
Instead of rigid, monolithic structures, we rely on decentralized intelligence through integrated micro services.Our professionals in the field of IoT system integration & development will give you comprehensive advice and advice on useful systems and functions and help you implement future-oriented technologies.
Flexible, independent & secure.

bintellix ® - software engineering, system development & service development

Acting proactively instead of reactively - that is the decisive difference between success and failure in a dynamic market environment that is characterized by rapid changes.
With the right technologies and agile software development you are able to do the digital Shaping transformation as an enabler instead of "only" accompanying it.
This is how our Smart Cluster experts transform future-oriented ideas into concrete and profitable results.
Flexible, adaptive & intelligent.
Connected Intelligence
lean & agile solutions for complex problems

Agile software engineering & IT development for B2B, B2C and B2E

Grow through innovation, vonvince with uniqueness

As a full service agency with a team of savvy software engineers, system integrators and experienced application developers, we optimize sales, service and production processes based on your needs.
So you can concentrate on your core competencies and customers while we develop your company according to your ideas.
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Further fields of application for connected intelligence:

  • Intelligent products
    Unlimited Possibilities

    Industry 4.0, IIoT & smart factory

    Benefit from digital production, optimized processes & resource efficiency.
  • Intelligent building
    All kind of freedom

    IoT building atomation & smart buildings

    Use the potential of modern automation solutions and high-quality software for energy-efficient building management.