Find out now why we are the right partners for you when it comes to IoT.
What sets us apart.

Find out now why we are the right partners for you

More efficiency, more freedom, more creativity: With the right partner for IoT technology and system integration, you can generate real added value for your customers and your business. Read more now about what makes bintellix ® different and better and how we tame technology.

With an adaptive approach, welcome the future today

With individualized products and more flexible processes, new markets can be won and existing ones secured. Operations are efficient, secure and transparent at all times. With the right view beyond the end of one's nose, long-term amortization is ensured. The next step is also already being prepared in the now: cross-process hyperautomation, which goes far beyond digitalization as it is still understood today. And all this with the right partner who is at home in different industries and speaks your language - everything to do with Smart Building, Industry 4.0 and Smart City.

Creating sustainable added value with IoT: What is crucial for you?

Are you as convinced as we are that the following 12 points are elementary for the success of IoT?
  1. Self-determination – Act independently & flexibly at any time
    You don't believe in manufacturer specifications, 08/15 solutions and system dependencies? Then say goodbye to vendor lock-in, which restricts you unnecessarily. The bintellix ® way is the right way: Loose coupling and decentralized organization allow any expert modules to be combined flexibly and future-proof. Centralized control is no longer in keeping with the times.
  2. Innovation – preserving the tried and tested, but enabling the new
    Technology is advancing inexorably. Benefit from the latest developments, processes and technologies without discarding proven systems or pursuing the arduous path of a hard migration. With the bintellix ® approach, you protect yourself from bad investments and are well positioned for changing business models in the future.
  3. Best of breed – Only the best choose
    You always rely on the best partner - and only the best component is just good enough. Your ideas decide: You don't let anyone dictate who gets to play. Then you appreciate the "best of breed" of bintellix ® with the open and adaptive approach.
  4. Adaptation – React quickly & flexibly to changed processes
    Implement and orchestrate even complex IT environments with plug & play, auto-deployment and intelligent agents. This way, secure implementation succeeds at the highest speed. Reusability, modularity and loose coupling are your best friends. Smooth migration and cross-version adaptation guarantee success.
  5. Transparency – scoring points with full control and maximum information density
    What works where? And where is it even better? Basically, you expect more than just log file analyses, monitoring and status dashboards at any time. With the bintellix ® approach, you always know what's going on. All processes are 100% transparent for you - no matter if it's about technical issues or the right organization.
  6. Lifting implicit knowledge – learning from your experience
    You know best how much tacit knowledge is available in production. Then use this intelligence close to the machine. Intelligent adapters translate concrete work orders into corresponding control commands themselves. The closer the control logic is to the machine, the more you can leverage the expertise of manufacturers and system users. This cannot be achieved by programming out fine-grained control commands in a central cloud platform.
  7. Full-stack security – because security concerns all stakeholders
    IT and infrastructure security are not just necessary evils to ensure secrecy and preserve company secrets. Rather, they play a decisive role in enabling innovation, enhancing quality and preventing uncontrolled growth. The full-stack approach makes this possible. It includes not only device and control functions, but also system management and the communications layer. Thanks to shared infrastructure management, all items and their communication paths can be managed and operated in a secure manner.
  8. Data sovereignty & data protection – Because you have nothing to give away
    Data is your company's greatest treasure. Don't share your data with cloud providers, external service providers or even your competitors. The proximity of an on-premise solution enables real-time fault detection instead of predictive maintenance and full access to all transaction data instead of limited M2M communication.
  9. AI & ML – Creating Market Advantages with Artificial Intelligence
    Artificial intelligence means much more than simply digitizing. Rely on smart control and a massively intelligent infrastructure to optimize processes and delight customers. Don't limit AI and ML to individual machines, but directly apply it to the entire events of all components involved. This tames implementation and maintenance costs and allows you to get maximum value from the machines with trained AI modules, for example. In this way, the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts.
  10. Scalability – thinking today about the technology of tomorrow
    The requirements grow - and the IT should grow with them. With the bintellix ® philosophy, this works with scalability: simply "plug in" more hardware - instead of replacing everything in a complicated and costly way. The magic word here is connectivity: with loose coupling and decentralized organization. In this way, you avoid monocultures and technological dead ends - in addition, you ensure the sustainability of your investments.
  11. Individuality – Because wishes & requirements differ
    Customers value individuality and timely responses - just like you do. Enable custom manufacturing with full automation. Easily involve your customers without making concessions to the flexibility of their production. Use work orders with clear specification of the result instead of centrally stored, highly complex and time-sensitive control commands. Digital twin? Piece of cake.
  12. Quality – convince with "made in Germany
    Unprecedented availability. Extensive fault tolerance. Industrial-quality components. All together, quality "made in Germany" - from planning to production to service.
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Have you identified the biggest stumbling blocks yet?

You have a lot planned. You have ideas. And you want to take your company to the next level. But there is resistance and obstacles to implementing your plans. Many CIOs cite a lack of in-house skills and legacy technology as the main inhibiting factors. bintellix ® supports you in clearing these stumbling blocks out of the way and creating the future - at all levels.
All pulling together
bintellix ® firmly believes that technological advances and increasing market demands must go hand in hand with organizational adaptations. The people involved contribute significantly to success - and thus also to innovations and future improvements.

Fits? Fits! Call now for added value

You find yourself in the 12 reasons. You do not want to be told how to act. You want to remain free in your decisions and independent. Then we are a perfect match. Let's talk on the phone.
bintellix ® – be smart. be free. by open IoT.