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About us – bintellix

We at bintellix ® are convinced that the world becomes more livable through the right use of technology. This is also economically worthwhile and pays off sustainably for the environment but also creates completely new possibilities and real freedom.

What moves us

Our thoughts and actions revolve around one central idea: flexible, future-proof and sustainable IT based on decentralized intelligence. We take an adaptive approach and rely on cross-vendor, open standards. This enables IT, OT and IIoT landscapes to respond to changes in an agile, timely and flexible manner, without the need for time-consuming, personnel-intensive and cost-intensive adaptation.

Towards a digital future

bintellix ® advises, supports and accompanies companies in the introduction and optimization of networked system architectures and security solutions, including the development of custom software.
We tame technologies at all levels and maximize the scope for productive, secure, sustainable and safe solutions.
Our focus is on high-quality services and demand-driven offerings for connectivity and distributed, cloud-based building control in the commercial, industrial and residential sectors.
Our customers include well-known companies, primarily from the automotive, banking, IT services, control technology, telecommunications and insurance sectors.

We are committed to your goals

Eduard Huber is the founder and managing director of bintellix GmbH & Co. KG, based in Munich. Together with his team, he is responsible for the development of the three business areas Building Automation, Industrie 4.0 and Product develop.
bintellix ® offers a wide range of services: from analysis, consulting, conception, implementation and development to support and testing of IT systems and applications.
The management and staff of bintellix ® are committed to working in partnership with their clients, baed on fairness, integrety and discretion.