What drives us.
What drives us.

Our Vision Statment

… determines our actions, shapes our corporate culture and serves as an orientation for all actions and decisions.

Our mission

As a European provider, we harmonize the two worlds of application development and information security. We focus on self-sufficient systems that interact with each other. Here we rely on the collective intelligence of small, independent and flexible systems.
We provide our customers with full service from planning to implementation to commissioning.
In doing so, we actively create values – for our customers and partners as well as for our employees.

Our vision

It is our aim to make life easier with intelligent systems. With a technology that works transparently in the background, which supports people in their activities and thus leads to a higher quality of life. This technique should be as self-evident as electricity or running water and offer people more opportunities for free development.
Intelligent technology for everyone, anytime, anywhere.

Our values

Real values are our spirit and give us identity. We live them together with all those involved. They motivate our actions and ensure always outstanding performances.
  • Transparency

    Transparency is essential for all areas of our company. With this…
    • … we encourage open dialogue and the exchange of experiences and ideas within our company. Regular training courses and innovative projects foster the competence of the individual through a pool of knowledge available to all.
    • … we cultivate a a lively transfer of know-how in the interests of our customers. In this way, we use synergies that make our partners an important part of our team.
    • … we use transparent processes and direct communication channels. These enable us and our customers to always have a full overview of the state of play at all times.
  • Passion

    With true passion, in which a motivated, open mind can unfold freely, we go far beyond the usual. For us and our customers…
    • … we are passionate about technology.
    • … we develop new solutions with commitment.
    • … we are already looking at the technologies of tomorrow today.
    • … we see ourselves as a team that continuously discusses new ideas with expertise and commitment.
    • … we value the mutual exchange by always having an "open ear".
  • Innovation

    The value of innovation provides us with that spirit that makes us sustainably competitive. High creativity lets us…
    • … to think and act across system and domain boundaries in a way that results in innovative and sustainable solutions.
    • … to bundle interactive know-how from current projects and to integrate it into subsequent projects - we are a permanently learning organization.
    • … to create free space – in the form of independent projects, we explore new technologies, so that the latest trends and innovations emerge.
  • Influence

    We always think beyond the actual tasks and exceed expectations. With great commitment and team spirit, we achieve our goals…
    • … by significantly improving existing technologies – we are breaking new ground.
    • … as well as raising awareness of technical possibilities for our customers, partners and employees.
    • … by promoting a healthy development of every individual personality within our company.
    • … by using new technologies to provide answers to social and economic issues.
    • … because we configure systems in such a way that they can be used independently by our customers in the future and are open to further development – even after the end of the project.
Motivated people with high professional competence, strong strong visionary power and distinctive innovative spirit of innovation form the ideal combination for committed and successful work.
bintellix ® – a better life through intelligently communicating system.