with farsightedness.
Handlewith farsightedness.

The bintellix ® management – Act with foresight and technical prudence


In addition to his management responsibilities Eduard Huber is responsible for the management of the companies. As Managing Director of the companies bintellix GmbH & Co. KG, the development of the three divisions Building Automation, Industrie 4.0 und Product develop is in his responsibility.
With his experienced and dedicated team, Eduard Huber ensures that challenges become solutions: through expertise, innovative strength and excellent project management in all phases.

Eduard Huber
Based on many years of experience as an IT architect and software developer I have seen various system landscapes. I was pleased to be part of the refactoring to enable open SOAP and REST services. Since my childhood, I have loved, to connect various systems with each other. In addition to (embedded) programming with Java and C++, this includes in-depth knowledge of all the associated OSI layers. This enables me, to transfer existing, mostly closed systems into a (future) open application landscape. An essential part of my work is to ensure IT security and transparency right from the design stage. This is the only way systems remain open for extensions, understandable, and most important financially viable. I have been adapting this well-founded experience from IT service development to the Smart Home and Internet of Things (IoT) area for several years now. In addition the development of software (mostly RESTful) APIs, the programming of embedded systems, connecting of different communication protocols and standards is also part of this. xamples are KNX/IP, Zigbee 3.0 or MQTT. The save and smooth connection of various systems and components >to form an intelligent system cluster fascinates me. Here I always have the big picture in mind and ensure transparency in IT.
If you are looking for someone who really knows the IT and system architecture, who sees IT security as an enabler (and not just as a cost factor), then you have come to the right place with me and my team.
With this holistic approach, we create added value for our customers: bintellix ® helps you to invest in the right places of your IT. Our customers receive architectures that are future-oriented and user-friendly and adaptable to changing requirement profiles at any times. Flexibility that convinces - created by well-founded expertise and openness in thinking and acting.